Almost Human Music Video!

Modern melodic metal band Every Hour Kills just released the “Almost Human” music video taken from an upcoming self-titled EP due out September 18.

The video, which was directed by Doug Cook, is part of an online voting competition where the winning videos receive one of two $30,000 grants to produce a music video + documentary, receive training and mentorship opportunities, and distribution on TELUS Optik TV On Demand. You can vote for “Almost Human” over here.

Sacha Laskow from Every Hour Kills had this to say: “The song is about addictions, vices and demons. Everybody has them in some form. Sometimes when you deal with these trials you feel isolated and alone, like an alien among your own kind. Like you’re not quite human…

“The video concept illustrates this by showing the band in a cold, isolated environment being filmed only by futuristic robotic security cameras. They are forced to perform and give every ounce of energy they have to even have a chance of being set free…”

EP Preorder!

Coming on September 18th, 2015, Every Hour Kills will release their first collection of songs as a self-titled 5 song EP. Bonus tracks will include instrumental versions of all the songs, demo tracks and other goodies.

To help offset the printing and promotion costs we are presenting the option to pre-order a limited edition package direct from the band. This will include:

  • An individually numbered limited-edition Digipak signed by the band. Once these are gone no more will be printed!
  • A special edition T-Shirt design, again this will not be re-printed and ONLY available on this run
  • A sticker and an instant download of our Almost Human single in high-quality MP3

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Digital Pre-orders available now:

Pre-order on iTunes and download the new single ‘SaviourS’ now!




New Single 2015!! Almost Human

The first single from the new EP to be released in Summer 2015. We are holding a pre-order campaign to help raise funds for the promotion and printing costs, get involved at:

Vocals – Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster
Guitars and Programming – Sacha Laskow
Bass – Brent Stutsky
Drums – Robert Shawcross

Produced, mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow
Drum recording engineered by Spencer Cheyne at OCL Studios
Additional drum engineering by Jeff Dunne
Additional guitar engineering by William Putney
Additional vocal production by Danny and Santino at FireRaven Productions

Video by Jorgen Reddick at Neighborkid Productions
Artwork by Kyle at Galleon Creative


Tiny messengers back for more
No patience they gotta hit
Weaker than the last one
But I’ll carry you every trip

I look at myself,
I see the moon though empty
Shatter the glass
Then I move on

The stars will align
A show of infinity
Proving your willing to let go
It’s Almost Human

Slip away To the shadow
Something magnetizing
Peel back all the skin that filters
Inject the possible

I look at myself
Through these pages
I look at myself
And I move on and on

The stars will align
To show us a better way
Proving your willing to let go
It’s never ending

The stars will align
A show of infinity
Proving your willing to let go

New Single ‘Chosen’ Released!

Our new single ‘Chosen’ is out now!

Youtube Stream – Every Hour Kills – Chosen –

Soundcloud – Every Hour Kills – Chosen –

iTunes –


Deceived by this
boundless energy
Of this failed attempt
In front of me
Possession welds itself
To the core
Denied and distraught
All good things wash ashore

Every waking moment spent
Longing for a destiny
With patience wearing thin
Every passing moment spent
Longing for a dream

Ascend from abyssal shadows
Pretend no doubt resonates
Reject these actions
Before they begin
Descend into traditional conciousness

We are the chosen
We are the chosen

Where is your serenity
Where is your tranquility

1st Single ‘Deliver Us’ Released!

Our debut single ‘Deliver Us’ is available everywhere now! ITunes:…

Securing against those imposing their will
Fighting to break free from the prison of your rage

Give me a sign of release tonight
Deliver Us from ourselves
Just breathe a sigh of relief tonight
Deliver Us

The pressure, it’s stronger, the shots they are ringing out louder
Forfeit your rights, and hide your eyes
In turn they will
Break your every sense of motivation
Don’t deny your fate
Your path is set in stone

Give me a sign of release tonight
Deliver Us from ourselves
Just breathe a sigh of relief tonight

Survive just for a moment

Give me a sign of release tonight
Deliver Us from ourselves
Just breathe a sigh of relief tonight
Deliver Us

Video by Jorgan Redick Neighborkid Productions
Artwork by Jordan Salmon